mercoledì 3 novembre 2010


I saw a flower
a flower alone

a weak and wispy flower
in front of a huge mountain

its leaves were green
a dark shadow green
its petals were red
such as a tulip red rose

and all around stones..
what is essential
is invisible to the eyes

I was wandering in my dreams
when the mountain starts to fall
and stones after stones
the mountain kills the flower... alone

this was my flower
this was my heart
I made it my friend
and it became
unique in the world

in my world... in my planet...
it was different from hundred thousand other flowers
you are nothing like my tulip red rose
if nobody has tame
d you
aren’t you?

nothing is perfect
and life is really monotonous...
only in our dreams
everything is possible

I wanna discover happiness
I wanna catch a star and go

We can only see things clearly with our hearts
this is the reason why
I want to tame you
I would like to tame you
I want
you to be my friend

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