giovedì 28 ottobre 2010


stop to write!
stop think
ing what I have to do!
do you really want to listen
to me?
do you really want to feel me?

keep the secrets with you
and open your heart
lie down on the grass
and watch the great gig in the sky...
it easy to find out?
what about the small one?
are still linked together

for ages people have thought
about the real connections between them
but there
isn’t any connection
they are
light years away
from each other

no man could see the differences
no man should agree with this theory
but it's true, it's true

you could
only recognize
celestial bodies
“Light vibrations”
and sounds, strange sounds
that come
from the outer space.

I would like to leave,
to speed away,
to depart from our minds
and discover new dimensions

a white light
es the milky way
I will follow it
I“lose myself irreversibly”?
to come face to face
with fear

this life is the only one
we have
but no
t the only one
we know

don't plan it...
there are double stars
waiting for ...
a double dna burning out...
don't plan it...
stop the mind

Don’t let me go away

If only I‘d told you that I needed you to hold me tight
If only I
’d stopped you by the door
and asked you to stand by
Maybe you should
‘ve stayed for a while
For a while
with me

I have
always thought love as romantic
Yet it just increases our human weakness
I feel the distance between us
all the words are misunderstood
I want you to hold me all night long
I wanna feel your breath on my shoulders
Only this way
I will know
you are here to cherish me
save me from myself

Now stop telling me
What’s wrong and what’s right
Every body’s telling me so all my life
these things
you’ve got to know
those things
you’ve got to learn
But It is really much harder to know who we are
to Understand and do what we feel
The reason why we are here
I would like to recognise you
I would like to recognise myself
And discover
who I am in your hands
Hold me,
please hold me tight
And don’t let me
ever go away

martedì 26 ottobre 2010


true colors
on the karst

true vibrations
on Mars

the solution
is behind
the curtains

the invisible curtains
of mind