venerdì 12 novembre 2010


witness of a conversion war

independence against
the traditional schemes

black and white scenes
through the photographer'

a whin
y old man
gets drunk
facing his incoherence

yellow throated
such as a faded flower
dead on the lake side

autumn is coming
the harvest moon
is s
the celebration of the rebirth

heartbeat of the lullaby
hemisphere borealis
spring and springs
spread water everywhere
life connectivity

nothing is written
sitting in a square room
you could imagine the
stream of consciousness
ing through the soul

nothing is lost
every single moment of illusion
could be real
extrasensory perceptions
the end's inception

don't think as soon as possible
try to realize how is important
save a life every time you can
Im through
Im through

under the geodesic dome
he who asks for money
is an innovator
n originator of
the golden ray

Horus' hope
a beam of sunshine
free lands and free men
fight for freedom everyday

no man's land doesn't exist
we're slaves
slaves of the human being!!

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