mercoledì 3 novembre 2010


one week without you
is a sponge life
I washed my clothings
I wrote your name on the wall
I have been there twice

I couldn't ear your voice
my days are damned
I fall down into hell
I forget my name

one word could save me
only one word
I have dreamed for several years
but now
I 'm asking for your protection
I need you for my salvation

I walk alone in the green forest
robin hood and his adve
surround me and I want to release
the wild prisoner
I want to set the world free
from an obligation

promised land
where is... the promise land?
does it exist?
is it there?
is it here...

is it only a
pink elephant...
a red blue pill
a yellow mushroom with a sweet smell
or the dark side of your dream

the room of hallucinations is here
into your mouth
chewing gum
for mammals of
the desert region
fossil water in the ice

Im gonna go crazy
I'm gonna go crazy
the best people are crazy
without any drugs

alone into the wild rude world
always alone
do not you know?
Im gonna go crazy if you don't talk to me
it's your fault
Im gonna go crazy

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